My New Book Happily Ever Now is Out Now!

My New Book Happily Ever Now is Out Now!

My New Book Happily Ever Now is Out Now!

My New Book Happily Ever Now is Out Now!

Group Coaching Experience
~Sacred Sisterhood Journey~

Coming Soon this Fall! Join the Waitlist Below.

Coming Soon this Fall!
Join the Waitlist.

Sacred Embodiment Coaching Session:
~The Gentle Intensive~

90 mins deep dive private Sacred Embodiment and Spiritual Life Coaching call via phone or Zoom.

Are you looking to receive clarity around a specific issue or seeming ‘detour’ and wiling to look deeply at your mindset and patterns via a spiritually-focused mind/body/spirit lens?

Get ready to connect with your most Sacred Embodied Self via private coaching. Gently awaken and empower yourself to Align every part of you with what’s true for you to invite meaningful change and Transformational Self-Healing into your life.

Experience a Unique Mind+Body+Spirit Alchemy of Sacred Embodiment plus Practical Spirituality AND Meditation for Self-Healing so you can Effortlessly Align with your Most Aligned Experience as your Most Embodied Sacred Self.

All heart-centered women are welcome.

Suggested equipment: Pilates/Yoga Mat or soft floor surface and a towel plus a dedicated Journal to explore and reflect upon your awarenesses that arise.

Discover the Connection that comes from Creating More Sacred Space within your Mind, Body and Spirit!

If your curiosity is stirred, let’s chat to explore what’s possible together!

I have tried something I learned from Nanci a couple of months ago when she said that nothing is impossible and how we can affirm things we want to accomplish in the morning before breakfast. It really works. I know I cannot change everything at once, but since yesterday I have been working on a chapter from my dissertation. Thank you Nanci for being such an inspiration!
Germaine Hillerstrom
Germaine Hillerström
University lecturer and PhD student in Civil Law

Sacred Embodiment Coaching Extension
“Happily Ever Living NOW”

Same intention as above, but receive even more support for a longer duration of time. Feel free to bring any and every thing into the conversation so you can invite purposeful redirections to guide your own perfectly imperfect Self-Healing Journey.

As a Sacred Embodiment Coach, Author, Intuition Amplifier, and Pilates Instructor, my expertise is helping heart-centered women become wildly successful at transforming their physical, emotional and spiritual experience from a disconnected struggle into expansive effortlessness by gently aligning with a mindset led by possibilities rather than limiting beliefs.

I can’t wait to explore what’s possible for you when you align your Mind, Body, and Spirit with Love instead of limitations.

Purchase support hours in blocks of 3, 6, 12 or 24.

Your life is happening NOW, not after everything else is perfect. Be a part of your self-healing process, not apart from it. All investments receive unlimited email support, business hours text access as well as access to my private Heart-Centered Facebook Community.

If you’re curious to explore what’s possible together, let’s chat.

I thought I was pretty clear on how I helped people in my business but in a short clarity session with Nanci, she managed to take it to a whole new level. Her questioning style is very gentle and true intuitive answers just flow. It felt easy and I was surprised at what I was saying and how aligned it felt. This is going to make it so much easier to communicate what I do and talk about it passionately. If these are the results from a mini session, I cannot begin to imagine how a deep dive or full program would deliver. Thank you so much Nanci for allowing me to receive your deeply honed intuitive wisdom.
Heather Lloyd
Health Mindset Coach

Private Pilates Sessions

Sign-up for an in-person or online private Intentional Pilates session with Nanci. All levels are welcome. You will leave the session more energized, aligned and connected. 

Suggested equipment for Online Sessions:  Pilates/Yoga Mat or soft floor surface and a towel.

Online Sessions offered via Zoom.

Align with Love Self-Healing Gift Set

Invite more gentleness and less judgment into your daily life. In the Align with Love Self-Healing Gift Set you’ll receive: The 15-minute ‘Intentionally Inviting Gentleness’ guided meditation and 7 Self-Healing Journal Prompts (PDF). This set will gently stir your wonder and curiosity and align your mind, body, and spirit with love—not limitations.

Yes, I’m ready to claim my gift!