Order the Award-Winning ‘Happily Ever NOW’ Book
Order the Award-Winning ‘Happily Ever NOW’ Book
Order the Award-Winning ‘Happily Ever NOW’ Book
Order the Award-Winning ‘Happily Ever NOW’ Book
After several months of attending Pilates classes with Nanci Reed, I am thrilled to share my experience. Nanci brings an unparalleled level of expertise and enthusiasm to every session. Her attention to detail and personalized approach has truly taught me to properly learn the positions. I've noticed my improvements each and every session: in my strength, flexibility, and overall well-being since I started meeting with her. Nanci’s clear instructions and encouragement has created a supportive atmosphere that motivates me to push beyond my limits. I highly recommend Nanci to anyone looking to enhance their Pilates journey.
Deanna Herman-Barasch
Senior Accounting Manager
As soon as I met with Nanci, I felt a genuine connection. You can immediately tell that she deeply cares and loves supporting others to find their own way. I loved the depth she went into during our session and the permission to meet my body where it’s at rather than pushing through. She truly listened and provided me with small shifts that complement my daily routine. I love that she picked up on the nuances of our conversation and mirrored that back to me so that I could shift the way I was viewing my current situation. I’m incredibly grateful to Nanci and her thorough yet soft and caring approach. Thank you, Nanci!
Kate Carter
NLP & Success Coach
I’d like to share a reflection from a recent call with Nanci. I worked with Nanci on her book ‘’Happily Ever Now," which was a magical experience. When I reconnected with Nanci via zoom this past weekend, I was struck by how it feels to speak with someone with no agenda. (Oddly enough, after months of phone calls to work on the book, we'd never communicated by video.) While so many topics and ideas came up, I never once felt that there was any particular way I needed to react, anything I had to say, or anything I had to do. I could just be in the space and be with the words. No need to change, no need to be different. It was very refreshing but also a bit uncanny, because it made me realize how in most of my conversations, I am always trying to get the other person to change, or the other person is trying to get me to do something. It really opened something up for me around not needing myself or other people to change or be different. Putting it to the test these last few days, I'm finding it closes separation between me and the other person, and puts me back into a stance of completeness. A big difference already, and I feel excited to be doing this mind-blowing work with her!
andy jones
Andy Jones
I saw a recent post that Megs Thompson had a call with Nanci. I was so moved by what Megs shared as her experience that I decided to book a call with Nanci too! Nanci’s calm approach helped relax my nervous energy of filling space with words. She asked me to describe WHAT (not who) I am in 3 words. It completely took me out of my “titles” thought process & look at a memory of what I already know. That memory was not a linear time line memory and offered so much insight on what is coming from the perspective of it already happened. She reminded me that I don’t need to “prove myself”, I just need to step into what that memory was showing. As an extension of who I am, not separate from now & later. Thank you so much for holding that space and providing the opportunity to see myself from a different place. It was magical 🙏💞
After having emergency back surgery a little over 2 years ago to remove a ruptured disc that was severing the nerve in my spine, I had thought I was good to go. Sadly, about 6 months ago that familiar pain came back & it’s been months of struggling with insurance to figure out what’s going & trying desperately to stay plugged into my business while wanting nothing more than to curl up in a ball & cry. Nanci offered to hop on a call with me, to use her magic & healing fairy dust to remotely & compassionately dig into what was going on. She encouraged me to open a dialogue with my body, asking what she was trying to tell me, as well as encouraging me to reflect on when in my past I’ve felt safe, seen, heard, valued, confident, well. While my back isn’t healed & there is still pain, this one conversation & exchange with Nanci has changed how I’m viewing my body & what she’s going through. I’m no longer condemning her for hurting, or cursing her for holding me back – I’m communicating with her, in order to heal all aspects of myself. Thank you again so much Nanci for sharing your magic.
I did a coaching call with Nanci recently. She is such a light and soft energy. She gently guided me through a meditation and I was absolutely blown away. She has an immaculate gift and I can see what so many others have seen. Thank you Nanci!!! You helped me see a space of support that I couldn’t see of my own! Thank you!!!
Kelsey Mangan
Creator, Conduit for divine energy, Energy Healer and Minister
‘Brokenly Spiritual’
Nanci is always super kind and supportive. Before I worked with her, I was looking for clarity on my current offer and wanted to explore more deeply who I am as a coach. She offered great insight and asked me questions that allowed me to put into words what was bouncing around in my head. I’m so much more confident with my coaching process now and excited to continue working on my business!
I have tried something I learned from Nanci a couple of months ago when she said that nothing is impossible and how we can affirm things we want to accomplish in the morning before breakfast. It really works. I know I cannot change everything at once, but since yesterday I have been working on a chapter from my dissertation. Thank you Nanci for being such an inspiration!
Germaine Hillerstrom
Germaine Hillerström
University lecturer and PhD student in Civil Law
I thought I was pretty clear on how I helped people in my business but in a short clarity session with Nanci, she managed to take it to a whole new level. Her questioning style is very gentle and true intuitive answers just flow. It felt easy and I was surprised at what I was saying and how aligned it felt. This is going to make it so much easier to communicate what I do and talk about it passionately. If these are the results from a mini session, I cannot begin to imagine how a deep dive or full program would deliver. Thank you so much Nanci for allowing me to receive your deeply honed intuitive wisdom.
Heather Lloyd
Health Mindset Coach
Working with Nanci in her meditation class helped me finally create a solid meditation practice. Her ability to make meditation easily accessible and to create a true community amongst those of us in class was beautiful. I found so many insights that she helped to bring about for me. One thing that will stick with me is to challenge myself to say ‘I know ‘ over ‘I think’ and all that implies. I also was able to recognize the fear at the heart of ‘what if’ and to challenge it and myself with ‘even if.’ Thank you, Nanci!
I had the privilege of having an one-on-one Pilates session with Nanci. I was blown away by her ability to target specific areas of my body that needed to be treated and strengthened. Nanci paid close attention to the movements I was making and made small adjustments that allowed me to have an amazing, powerful, Pilates experience. Just by looking at you, Nanci can see areas of trauma or areas that may be causing pain. She the uses this knowledge to create an amazing personalized Pilates session that leaves you feeling refreshed and revitalized.  Amazing Experience!
Sara Duckart
Sara Duckart
Nanci is not just a pilates instructor - she is a mind and body whisperer who can see what is going on with you and magically fix it. After her classes I have so much energy, I feel taller, I feel healthier, I feel stronger. She goes at the pace you're comfortable with and never any judgment. I HIGHLY recommend her. If you're just looking around for a great pilates/physical therapy/spine whisperer/all around amazing person - stop looking, you've found her
Natalie Procter
Natalie Procter
Nanci is an amazing teacher, and I find her classes so incredibly helpful, calming, and enlightening in a way which centers my body and mind. I highly recommend her! I can’t get enough of her Pilates classes!
Sara Bogart
Sara Bogart
As someone who's long grappled with anxiety & depression, I find it pretty easy to get caught up in my mind and completely out of touch with my body. It almost goes without saying, but with the onset of quarantine I knew my non-productive patterns would only intensify and I needed strategies to handle that. More specifically, I needed to seek ways to get out of my head and reconnect with my body. One of the tools that have proven most helpful to me in accomplishing that has been participating in virtual pilates sessions with Nanci. Nanci's serene presence and calming influence are invaluable in providing a safe place in which to become centered. Her innate ability to guide one through breathing exercises, pilates moves, and stretches is one of a kind. Nanci is such a gifted and thorough instructor that I could close my eyes through an entire session and confidently follow along the entire time! Since attending Nanci's pilates classes, my mindset has really improved. If you are looking to calm your mind and integrate with your physicality, I wholeheartedly recommend working with her.
Nanci is a former student of mine. I am proud and impressed with her dedication in becoming a Pilates instructor and opening her own studio. Nanci received her certification from Turning Point Studios in Walnut Creek under the tutelage of master Pilates trainers, Nora St. John and Naomi Leiserson. She also continues to take courses to increase her knowledge in movement and physical rehabilitation. Nanci has worked hard to hone her Pilates instruction, teaching her clients about the importance of correct alignment and posture. She is also very intuitive in her work and compassionate in helping her clients continue healing after physical therapy.I would personally seek Nanci’s company should I need to do any post-rehabilitative work.
Mercy Bobias
This woman is AMAZING! There are some people who are truly in the right profession and it shows through the congruency of their work. Nanci is most definitely one of them. She knows the body so incredibly well, has a remarkable ability to assist in healing your body, and is a blessing to be around. This is not a normal pilates session, her energy is a serene haven in a sometimes not so peaceful world. I am so grateful to have found her! Once you discover her for yourself, your life and awareness will never be the same.
Cathryn Farnsworth