Are You Ready To Disrupt The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy?

“Whether You Think You Can Or Think You Can’t, You’re Right” -Henry Ford How prophetic Mr. Ford was so many years ago. The biggest determining factor in the potential of what you can or can’t do is your thoughts. Throughout this post, I will encourage you to pose serval questions to yourself in order to […]

When Things Are “Working,” Don’t Do This

  Is there a pattern you wish to change even though it seems destined to remain on repeat in your life? Everyone has unresolved “stuff.” True, some stuff seems more formidable than others at first glance. However, what unites everyone isn’t just having patterns that don’t serve them. What really draws them together is a […]

Why Not You?

It’s not about you. It’s about all those waiting for you to shine and share your specific form of Light and Magic with the world. What’s the pay-off from continuing to hide in plain sight by playing small? Take a closer look at the three sentences above. Do any, some or all, strike a chord […]

Stop “Doing All The Things” AND Start Being This Instead

I’m done. There, I said it. I mean it: D-O-N-E. What exactly am I over-and you might ask? I’m done with with all the mindless doing. I’m done with checking-off a bunch of meaningless “boxes,” that never seem to end. I’m done slaying all the world’s dragons and still feeling as though my “happy ending” […]

The Secret To Letting Go Of Limiting Beliefs For Good

When was the last time you consciously thought today? By that I mean when was the last time you chose the contents of your thoughts? It’s easy to forget how much power you actually have over your mind. In fact, of all things in this world, the content of your thoughts is the ONLY one […]

Why Self-Care Is Not Selfish

Scroll through any feed dedicated to “Empowering Women” and you will see scores of articles about the need for self-care. If there are so many resources advocating the importance of tuning-in before giving-out, then why do so many women STILL feel exhausted and burned-out? I mean think about the plethora of spas, retreats, workshops, self-help […]

How To Go Kindly Envision Your New Year

  Rather than look back on my “Best Nine” of 2018…   I meditated upon the words that align with naming my New Year, SHINE.   Then, I searched Pinterest, letting my intuition guide me to the most compelling images.   Lastly, I compiled them into a collage that includes personal photos of me as […]

Motivation Deconstructed: Awakening Your Inner Inspirationalist

This article was Inspired by an email exchange with a longtime reader of my work suggesting a topic for me to explore via a new post Let’s Start At The Very Beginning… Since the dawn of thoughtful conversation, Anthropologists, Psychologists, and Philosophers alike shared a common question: Why do human beings DO certain things and […]

When Called, Will You Answer?

  Yesterday I received a phone call; a rarity in and of itself in my text messaging-centered world. I recognized the area code. It didn’t seem like a typical robocall configuration. But, I had been wrong before. Was it worth the time to see who or “what” was calling me? Unable to mask the hesitation, […]

How Coming Undone Revealed My True Soulmate

      Much is said about what needs to be done before meeting your ideal soulmate. However, what if I was to tell you that the key to meeting “the one” lies in being rather than doing. And, what if I also told you that before fully being anything, you must choose to undo […]